End of Summer Swimming

This is our lil girl’s last year in pre-school.  Ako yata and her classmates’ parents ang may separation anxiety dahil to be honest and surprisingly, we became friends as well.  Pati mga lolas and yayas get along well.

When we had our Parents’ Orientation a couple of days back, nagkayayaan to hold a swimming party in our house before school begins.  So a few days ago, I sent out an invite to some of the parents for an afternoon of get-together.

Warning:  This will be a photo-heavy post.

And here are some shots of the parents while eating and making chika

As I’ve said countless times, living in an old small town has its perks…and this is one of them.  I like the way our kids interact with each other and how our respective families get closer.

I actually dread the day that Lian will enter big school as there will definitely be new friends and parents.  I like the comfort this current set-up brings.  I think pati rin naman yung ibang parents feel the same way I do, gusto rin nila yung dynamics ng mga bata and wala pa talaga firm sa plans for big school.

Oh well, for now we will enjoy the kids’ prep class 🙂

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