Getting a Passport

My darling bub finally have his passport!!!

I was supposed to apply for his while I was on maternity leave but since they require a NSO-certified birth certificate, I had to wait for it to be available.  Not sure kasi if they will accept the one from the city registrar’s office.  Can’t recall anymore what we did for Lian’s passport application before.  Basta I know that we got hers at the DFA Main Office when she was only 3 months old and no need for appearance then.

For Kobe, we went to DFA Megamall and it was surely fast!  So let me share with you steps on passport application for infants.

For starters, there’s no need to get an appointment for infants (less than 1 year old).  You can just directly proceed to their office located in SM Mega Bldg. C.


Then tell the guard that you are applying for an infant so that he can lead you to the priority lane.  I have all the necessary documents except for the application form (which is very easy to fill out) so I had to fall out of line for a few minutes. It’s a good thing that we came in on an early Saturday morning.  I heard that it could get cramped during weekdays and later on the day.

1. Personal appearance of applicant
2. NSO-certified birth certificate of applicant (original)
3. NSO-certified marriage certificate of parents (original)
4. Passport of parents (original for presentation and photocopy for them to keep)
5. Processing fee

After checking the documents and assessing the processing fee, you are ushered to the payment window. Note that these steps may take a while for regular applicants.  But since it’s Kobe, it’s like having a fast pass. I paid PhP1,200 for express priority.  Not sure if this is the default because I wasn’t asked.  I didn’t mind though as I was excited for him to have his passport na.

After payment comes the encoding section where all your details are inputted in their system and the picture taking takes place.  I’m so glad that Lian came with us, she took care of getting Kobe to look at the camera.


Before you head out, there’s an option to have the passport delivered.  Maybe because we’re such in a hurry, I didn’t notice that anymore.  So after a week, it was my sister who claimed it.  Another note to remember, if the parent is unavailable to claim the passport, there must be a special power of attorney for the representative, as an authorization letter won’t suffice. The mobile number listed on the tracking paper they give also doesn’t answer to queries even if they say they entertain questions.

Generally, passport application for infants is a breeze.  And I’m sooo glad they have offices in malls now. Sure made a lot of difference in making a day productive.

Department of Foreign Affairs
SM Megamall
7/F Megamall Bldg. C
EDSA cor J. Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong City

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