Things I’m Loving Now

It’s already May!  I can’t believe that we’re almost halfway to 2014 already.  Ang bilis ng panahon!  Same time last year I was not pregnant yet, Lian was busy attending her ballet classes and we all had nights of restful sleep hehe

Now, I’m (almost) back to my pre-pregnancy weight, Lian had moved on from her ballet obsession and we’re always puyat.  Thank you sleepless nights 🙂

So indulge me as I list down things that put a smile on my face…bihira na akong ngumiti now for things.  My smiles now are mostly attributed to our darling bub.

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series
I only have Books 1 and 3 and I just started reading the 1st book…but I’m already hooked!  Okay, fine it’s children’s book but who cares?!

It’s about Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel and the Book of Abraham the Mage (Codex)

The Goddess Girls Series
I bought the boxed sets for Lian but I think I’ll have first dibs on reading them.  I’d love to know more about Athena, Aphrodite and the bunch.

Stories about the Greek goddesses

Lactation Cookies
I did a separate post on this.  I’m hooked on choco chip cookies now.  I just hope it do wonders on my milk production.

PBA Commissioners Cup
I’ve always been a a basketball fan, so to be able to follow the league (because I was on maternity leave during the elims) is definitely a bonus.

Nail Polish
The only girly thing I can apply on myself.  I wish I can have my hair colored but since I’m still breastfeeding, I can’t.  I just need to content myself with colors on my nails.

It’s kinda nice to do a post like this…pwede na ‘tong maging mainstay 🙂

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