McDonald’s Kiddie Crew

To keep the lil girl busy this summer we decided to enroll her in the nearby McDonald’s branch. The Kiddie Crew workshop runs for a week and during that period, the kids are taught the basic counter courtesies and kitchen processes.

Lian was so excited when she was assigned in the ice cream counter.  Here are some photos I grabbed from her classmate Chin’s mom – Jhanna Laguador.  Thanks so much!

They were also taught how to take orders and prepare food.

On some days, they were not assigned on the floor but they got busy on art stuff,

and learning the Make It Happen song and the Ronald dance.

It was a productive week for Lian as she learned how to interact with other kids and customers.  Sulit ang workshop fee because you don’t only get McDonald’s items (and dito pa lang bawi ka na) but also because Lian saw how it is to work.  Yes given na medyo play pa rin ang setting but at least she saw at an early age how people prepare her favorite food.

I shall try to post her talent piece (Let It Go) and other activities as soon as I get my camera.  It’s her Recognition day today kaya nasa kanya pa 🙂

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