Lactation Cookies

When I went back to the office, my milk supply went down.  I guess it’s expected as I can only squeeze in 2x pumping sessions the whole day compared to a lot more than that when I was at home.  And direct feed pa yun.

I continue to take vitamins, iron and malunggay supplement but even my intake has been decreased as I now take a tablet once a day.  To help me get back to fighting form, I ordered lactation cookies online from 2 suppliers.

I first tried choco chip cookies from Mom’s Basket.  Dea was sure fast!  I think I inquired on a Tuesday afternoon and got the goodies the day after. Agad-agad!  Since it’s my first time to try, I only ordered for a week’s supply.  I must say, ang sarap ha.  Sayang, wasn’t able to take pictures dahil lagi ko nalilimutan it being a busy Holy week.

Then I checked another supplier just so I can compare taste, quality and prices.  This time I tried Mommy Treats.  I ordered oatmeal and white choco chip cookies from Paola. It’s definitely a treat!  It came in daily pouches packaged in a box for a week’s supply.

It’s interesting to note that both Dea and Paola started baking because they want to increase their milk supply so that they can continue to nurse their babies.  Buti na lang dahil because of them, other moms like me enjoy their healthy yummy goodies 🙂

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