Kite Flying Experience

Goodness!  Can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this.  This was ages ago, when I was still pregnant (oh well, it feels like another lifetime).  Anyway, let me share with you what we did in Tagaytay the last day of the year 2013.

We decided to go to Tagaytay (one of our family’s fave places near Manila) to enjoy the cool breeze and do some windy fun adventure – kite flying!

Here are some photos from that day –

Picnic Grove

Manong Kite 🙂

Pili pili rin ng kite pag may time…
And the lil girl’s kite’s off
Closer look

I was surprised that she got the hang of it easily. Good thing she didn’t take after me na di well-coordinated.

Controlling the kite on her own

After that tiring kite flying experience, we can’t resist the lure of bulalo.  We had our usual lunch at Bulalo Point.

Ang chubby ng cheeks ko!!!

Oh Tagaytay, how do I love thee…

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