Week-by-week Kobe

Shoot me, but I’m a proud mom and I’d like to share my darling bub’s progress.  Especially because he was a bit on the light side when he came out.  And now, he’s already chubby!

Here’s a weekly update on how Kobe looks…

Pic 1: He looks so tiny and fragile.  In fact, parang ako lang ang kumakarga sa kanya

At birth

Pic 2: People are saying he looks like his dad

At 3 days

Pic 3: Yep, looks like Daddy

At 10 days

Pic 4: Rashes are starting to come out his face.  This got me worried because I thought he’s allergic to my milk

At almost 3 weeks

Pic 5:  Personally, di ko bet ang rashes sa face nya šŸ™

At 1 month (with rashes on the face)

Pic 6: For some reason, Kobe takes better pictures when he’s in the bathroom about to take a bath.  This one’s adorbs šŸ™‚

Almost 2 months (7 weeks)

Pic 7: I like this pic because he’s talking (cooing) to me here. He started with his coos earlier than the lil girl and he’s also more madaldal šŸ™‚

At 9 weeks

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