Two’s a Treat

An officemate told me before I gave birth to Kobe that things will be different when there are already 2 kids in the house. I didn’t give it much thought then thinking that there wouldn’t be much change naman siguro because I already saw how Lian was when she had younger cousins drop by our house.

Oh boy, how mistaken I am!

Having 2 kids is way different (and harder) than pampering (and disciplining) just 1. For starters, time is now split and in my case, since the other is a newborn, nawalan talaga ako ng time to spend with my eldest.  I know it’s bad and gives room for the other to make selos, but I can’t help it before because I didn’t have someone else to take care of the baby while I spend time with the Ate.  Now that I have a yaya, time is more manageable.  If only I can fight off being sleepy and I’ll stay awake and alert during daytime.

Also, one of my fears before was will I be able to love Kobe the same way I love Lian.  Well, no. My love for each of them is different but the same as well.  Clearly I love them both to pieces, from the moon back and I will definitely lay my life for them.  But it’s also different in the sense that my love for Lian is coupled with commitment to building her confidence and making sure that she will learn how to stand up for herself. For Kobe, it’s making sure that he has the strength to carry on and protect his family.

Also, di rin pala naspli-split ang love but it’s spread.  It doesn’t diminish my love for the other to make room for another.  It gets multiplied.

Lian and Kobe. My loves. My life


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