My Maternity Leave Ups and Downs

By law, a new mom who gave birth thru SVD (normal) is entitled to a 60-day maternity leave.  I extended mine for 2 more weeks.  Yes, because I didn’t want to leave my darling bub just yet but most especially because I didn’t have a yaya the entire 2.5 months of my leave.

I was my son’s mom, friend, playmate, yaya, burping pad, cloth diaper etc.! It was real hard work, mind you.  Whoever said that a housewife has all the time in the world is deadly wrong! Taking care of a newborn and a kid was/ is a major challenge.

Imagine my day starting at 7AM (actually parang 24-hour cycle lang talaga because of the puyatan blues). In the early days of Kobe, I was the one who brings him out for much-needed Vitamin D.  But after some time, I had to give this up and stay longer in bed to function properly the whole day.  At around 9AM, it’s the lil girl’s time to wake up, eat breakfast, take a bath and get ready for school (started my leave ng di pa vacation si Lian).  So dapat before sya maggising, Kobe’s already nursed and in some days, naka-pump and store na ko ng breastmilk.  After sending off Lian to school, it’s Kobe’s time again to bathe, be nursed and put to sleep for his mid-day nap.  Then it’s time to clean the bedroom, dust the play area and wipe the wet floor of the bathroom.  All these I get to finish a few minutes before noon.  Kaya pag natapos ko lahat and titingin ako sa clock, lunch time na and di pa ko nakaka-breakfast man lang 🙁  Yun ang not-so-secret ng aking pagpayat.  I guess, that’s one of the perks of breastfeeding and being yayaless.  I’m just a few pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight now.

Anyway, going back to my kwento…I’d have to eat lunch quickly if I want to doze off a bit dahil by around 130PM, inu-nurse ko na naman si Kobe and in a few minutes, Lian will be home already.  Walang tulugan na naman.  In a few times that I can sway Lian to play or watch TV by herself, then lucky me because I can extend my nap.  Pero good luck na lang sa kin kung di sya papayag.  The whole afternoon was devoted to playing with Lian and taking care of Kobe.  Sometimes alternate pa ang naps nila, at di pa magsabay na lang para lahat kami tulog.

Before I knew it, dinner time na.  After dinner, bedtime ritual naman.  Dapat by 10PM settled na silang 2 so I really get frustrated when late magdadatingan ang mga tao sa house from office kasi nadidisrupt the routine I’m trying to set up for them.

Then of course, having a newborn means saying goodbye to complete, restful sleep at night.  I wake up every 2 to 3 hours for feeding, nappy changing and during the not-so-good nights, playing.  It was an endless cycle of these activities, day in and day out…so talagang namayat ako, napuyat and masungit ako.

I was longing for adult company and missing my corporate self more than ever during those 2+ months. Kung pwede ko lang hilahin ang time para makabalik na ko agad sa work, but I can’t because wala ako mapagiwanan sa mga kids.  So I am really thankful that finally, end of March, I found myself having 2 helpers which made it possible for me to return to work with less worry.

If you ask me now if I’d be willing to go through all those again…I’d say NO.  But I also won’t trade the precious time and moments I shared with my kids during this period.  Yes, I had breakdown moments and my relationship with Lian wasn’t too harmonious while I was on leave (we were fighting over littlest things) but the happiness I feel whenever I see both Lian and Kobe smile, coo, play and even “protect” each other, made everything worthwhile. Deadma my exhaustion, babawiin ko na lang sa massage and hair treatment hahaha

I know I wasn’t a perfect mom…far from it because I still continue to learn from my kids, from the people around me and from my mistakes everyday.  But I also know that I did my best and tried to give all of myself to both of them.  I have very few regrets this time around.  I was able to prove to myself that kaya ko pala and because I did everything, di ako maloloko ng mga helpers. Kaya ko maglaba, magplantsa, maglinis, mag-alaga etc basta may proper time management lang.  I’m not saying ako na si superwoman (lamang lang sya ng ilang paligo though…kidding hehe) but everything’s doable pala talaga.  Kahit

But having helpers surely make things easier and you get to spend QUALITY time with everyone.  Hindi ako nagmamadali makipag-play kay Lian, hindi ko pine-pressure si Kobe na mag-sleep na etc.  I get to spend time with hubby also without the guilt (konti lang) na walang kasama ang mga bata, and I also have time for myself.

This is how I look month 1 of my leave – puyat pero nakaka-smile pa rin.

Eto ako on month 2 – naka-smile lang ako kasi 2 months na si Kobe and I know na may parating ng yaya in a few days

So…kudos to all SAHM!

Now I know di ako pwedeng pambahay talaga hahaha

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