Breastfeeding 101

I was almost quite positive when I was pregnant that I won’t be able to breastfeed just like when I had Lian. So it was a happy surprise to find out I have milk after all!

Kobe’s 1st breastfeeding session was when we are still in the hospital, just 3 hours after I gave birth.  He was brought in by a nurse while I was still at the recovery room for his 1st latch. Then as soon as I moved to my own room, I was to go to the nursery every 3 hours for his feeding without fail.  Kasi if you don’t go, they will call you dahil walang iinumin si baby.

I’m glad that Makati Med renovated their nursery/ breastfeeding station.  Now, there’s more privacy as moms have their own cubicle.  Unlike before where breastfeeding was done in a room (although comfortable), it was still a bit awkward breastfeeding with other moms in the room.  Huge improvement now because you have your own comfy chair (other cubicles have rockers), u-shaped pillow if you need to rest your arm or give the baby in your arms a boost, intercom so that you can call on the nurse for your needs or when you’re finished and you’re ready to return the baby to them.  Some also have extra chairs for companions (like dads) so that they can share your baby bonding moments.

Honestly, these trips to the nursery were exhausting.  It was a break-in of sorts as this is what you’re going to do when you go home and you’re on your own.  With Kobe, it was easier for me as he immediately got into the rhythm of things.  He was able to latch properly at once and my milk supply kicked in almost immediately.  Parang 4th session pa lang on the 1st day, may milk na ko agad and I was able to nurse successfully.  This gave me the confidence to continue with breastfeeding.  I guess this was the boost that was lacking when I had Lian kaya nagka-baby blues ako before.  It really felt good to be able to breastfeed your baby, feels like he’s depending solely on you for survival 🙂

When we had our 1st pedia visit, our pedia – Dra. Della Gonzales-Pelaez, instructed me to start training the baby on bottle as she knows that I’m due to report back to work after 2 months. So I had to pump, but I didn’t buy any as sabi ko nga, baka naman I won’t need it.  I also didn’t get one before because my good friend Blessie let me try hers first.  And dahil di ko sya nagamit, I just returned it and didn’t include this in my list anymore.

But since I’m blessed to have a good supply of milk now, I had to buy a pump asap.  My sis got me this –

It’s very easy to use and very handy. Even if it was my first time to pump, I got the hang of it at once.  I tried attaching my Pigeon bottles and they fit.  I also tried the drop-ins and they worked fine too.  I guess the only thing that won’t work well with this pump is Avent, although I haven’t tried attaching my Avent bottles to this.

Now that I’m back to work, the pump goes with me.  I still express milk and fortunately my supply has not run out yet as I plan to continue until the 6th month at least *fingers crossed*

I never thought I’ll hear myself say this but I am truly happy and proud that I’m a nursing mom.  I do regret sometimes for not trying harder and giving up easily the first time with Lian.  It was hard the first few days and I struggled with soreness, not having enough milk supply etc but the law of demand and supply really works here.  If the baby needs more, you will produce more.

I’ve yet to try the lactation cookies but I incorporated more soup in my diet especially in the first days and I continue to take malunggay tablets.  I’m bad now because I don’t take it as regularly as I should but thankfully, I still have milk.

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