My SVD (Birthing) Experience

I will try my best to recount my whole birthing experience not only because I promised to share my journey to motherhood (again), but also because I don’t think I will ever tire of making kwento the funny and unpredictable moments every childbirth brings.

I know I said that in many ways I/ we are more prepared now than the first, but Kobe still didn’t come without some surprises.  For starters, he came in earlier than expected!  My estimated due date is February 9 (that’s my 40th week), give or take 2 weeks, I was expecting to be on maternity leave last week of January.  Alas, Kobe can’t wait anymore and decided to make his appearance by mid-January, 4 days before my 37th week šŸ™‚

As mentioned in my post Countdown, I was officially on month 9 but still a few days shy of full term when I experienced some spotting.  I was advised to take it easy so I stayed home but had to go on check-up on January 14.  After waiting for the lil girl to come home from school, we went to Makati Med so I can give her an ice cream treat. But we got more treat than that when I was told that I was already 4cm dilated and in active labor at around 4PM.

Busy pa sya while waiting for her sundo so she can go home and I can go the delivery room

As soon as Lian was picked up by my sister, I went to the delivery room to wait…wait…wait.  And it was quite a wait (for me and for hubby).

Door of the delivery room

5th Floor Waiting Area

If at my OB-GYNE’s clinic I was 4cm, I was 5cm when they checked on me at the delivery room at around 530PM.  So Dra. Madelene Ang-De Joya (my lovely doctor) estimated that I will give birth between 11PM and 1AM.

Since I was in active labor already, the interns immediately prepared my room, hooked me on fetal heartbeat monitor, blood pressure cuff link etc and asked me quite a lot of times if I want to have an epidural already (I opted for painless birth).  Surprisingly even if I’m experiencing contractions, they are still manageable and although uncomfortable, they are tolerable.

However, 11PM came and went but I’m still 6 nearing 7cm, no way near childbirth. When I hit 8cm and my contractions are getting to be bothersome at around 1AM, I asked for epi and waited until my water bag broke at almost 3AM.  However by that time, I almost went on CS as the baby’s heartbeat went down and I’m still not fully dilated.  Thanks to the powers of Dra. Mads and the entire delivery team, I was able to push (literally) for SVD (spontaneous vaginal delivery) and gave birth to Kobe in the early morning of January 15.

Here’s my haggard, super not fashionable photo at the recovery room after 11 hours of labor.

And here’s my room in the next 2 days

This 2nd time around is actually easier than the 1st – delivery and recovery-wise.  Maybe it’s because in a way I already know what to expect and when.  But also, it’s harder having 2 kids in the house (which I will share in another post) as the dynamics have changed.

Still, now I can say…I’m doubly-blessed šŸ™‚

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