I’m officially on my 9th month already!

Not really sure if I’m feeling excited or feeling nervous or feeling frustrated (as I don’t have a yaya yet).  Talk about mixed emotions and crazy mood swings.  It’s not helping that I’m at home now because I need to rest. Was advised by doctor to take it easy and because hubby’s a bit paranoid on health issues, I was forced to go on leave as the baby should not come out this week yet.

In terms of baby stuff preparedness, I think we’re already covered (compared to when we had the lil girl). The crib’s set up already and his stuff are ready to be worn and used.  Most of the heavy stuff catthame in already, we’re just waiting for the TV hehehe (di sya pang-baby but pang-mommy and achi).

It’s just that I sometimes feel I’m still missing something…or maybe it’s because my mind’s set that I’ll be on vacay on my 38th week and not earlier. My office things are not packed yet (sana di muna mag-transfer ng building while I’m on maternity leave).  Also I still have deadlines from work that I can’t get my mind off. Then there are get-togethers with friends like dinner tonight with ex-5J friends I don’t think I’d be able to join, excited much pa naman ako.  Then there are lunch and dinner with 5J colleagues later this week I’m so looking forward to.

Oh God please I hope I make it ’til next week.  Bub, hang on!

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2 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Woohoo! I’m so happy for you Apple! Two’s a handful but they’re fun! I can’t wait for my little peanut also to be ready! šŸ™‚

  2. So different but so much happier having 2 kids šŸ™‚

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