My Maternity Shoot

Yey, finally the photos of my and my best friends’ maternity shoot are with me already!!!

I can’t wait to share them with you so forgive me if I’ll flood this post with photos šŸ™‚

Just to give you a background – during my 1st pregnancy, I thought about doing this already but didn’t give serious thought about it as di pa talaga naman uso ang ganito 6 years ago.

Then come my 2nd pregnancy…when I shared the news to my childhood friends (as in nursery level pa lang, friends na kami), nagkagulatan kami because 2 of them who are based here in the Philippines (most kasi are based in the US and Australia na), they’re also pregnant the 2nd time around!  Talk about coincidence di ba?  And what’s funny ironic, lahat kami experienced a difficult 1st trimester.  So even if we wanted to catch up and make chika about our pregnancies, we can’t seem to meet up dahil kung tapos na sa bed rest yung 1, the other naman ang pinagbe-bed rest.  All of these things were planned through email and FB lang.  We’re so thankful and blessed because also one of our childhood friends, PJ offered to do the shoot for us.  PJ and his wife, Belle are really heaven-sent.

Since the preggies have due dates a month apart from each other, we decided to hold it late November here in our house.

Eto na, I’ll share my buntis portfolio then our group shots.

1 down (that is, 1 gave birth already last December), 2 more to go!

Thanks PJ and Belle of V2 Studio šŸ™‚

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