Goal: Eat, Eat, Eaaaaat!

Had my ultrasound yesterday and it seems that Bub is still a bit on the low normal side. Arrghh.

Need to eat some more to gain more.  This is one of those times when I wish I’m gaining weight at a rapid speed.  I hope to have him on the normal side of normal when I give birth.  Since I need to gain weight, I’m trying my best to eat a lot and well.  I know that fast food is not the way to go so I stock up on protein – steak, milk etc.  Let’s see if it works.

I know that my eating habits now are bit erratic.  I haven’t really been a good girl – still munching on chips, drinking soda and tea. Compared to my 1st pregnancy, I’m not an angel now.

Didn’t have this problem before with the lil girl.  I wonder why.  Is it because I’m older now like it has something to do with age?  Or is it because my life is more stressed now, work-wise, marriage issue, household concerns etc?  Hmm…I need to get rid of bad vibes and bad people. I shall work on being calm, peaceful and serene. But how??!!!


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