The Third Trimester: Almost There…But Not Quite Yet

I intend to catch up on my blog posts para naman di ako mahuli sa pag-update and di kayo mabitin especially when I’m about to take a hiatus from the blogging world when I give birth.

I’m almost on the final stretch of my pregnancy.  Last trimester na!

As mentioned in my other post, I feel heavy and quite restless already.  There are times when I wish to give birth na to get it over and done with.  But there are also times when I don’t want to give birth pa because I know I’m not ready yet, being yayaless and all.  Also, I feel there are other emotional, behavioral and mental things I need to settle with family and friends first before Bub enters the world.  As much as possible, I want to eliminate possible causes of baby blues.  I don’t want to experience the same feeling of helplessness and loneliness I felt after giving birth to the lil girl this time around.

So…how do I look these days?  Oh well, I’m pretty much swollen.  Although I’m not as big now as the first pregnancy, I still feel unpretty šŸ™  I’m getting dark spots on parts I’d rather not share with you.  My hands are getting big and my feet are swollen.  Actually I just noticed this last night after changing to my pambahay slippers.

Here are some of my recent photos – back view, I’d like to think I look the same.  Front view, of course, I’m showing already…and I guess, even my face now is shouting pregnant.

Look at those chubby cheeks…hahaha

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