Im in my 30’s

I was supposed to blog about this a couple of weeks back but then I got sidetracked with the many holiday activities and household stuff I had to attend to.  And since there’s no better time than now…here goes.

I’m well into my 30’s by this time.  Which means I feel stronger kicks, sharp pain on the side and overall heaviness.  Although many would say that I’m “maliit magbuntis” this time around, I still catch my breath and have difficulty bending over most of the time.

I’m actually due in a few weeks’ time and I feel there are still so many things I need to prepare.  We’re already done with the detailed purchases but the big ticket items we need to finish in a week or two.  I’m super thankful to my boss, Candice for giving me a high-tech stroller.  It’s an item off our list.  We have one already but it’s more like a pasyal stroller meant for toddlers. What she gave is a really nice one with 3 wheels similar to this –

Via buggyboard,info

Since it’s a busy (eating) season, I also experience heartburn most nights now.  I find it difficult to sleep because of that coupled with a feeling of discomfort as I can’t seem to find a restful sleeping position.  I get woken up in the middle of the night just to pee and change position.  I was told that I need to sleep on my left side so I’m consciously checking myself to do just that.

And because of the weather – warm during daytime, cold at night, I had cough and colds in late November/ early December. Good thing, there’s Berocca 🙂  I swear by this vitamins now.  It has been my companion every morning now.

That’s about it for now.  Will keep you updated on the last stretch of my pregnancy.  Praying that the Bub will continue to grow and does not come out earlier than planned *keeping fingers crossed*

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