Anniversary Weekend Part 1 – Dinosaurs Island

Clark, Pampanga would always have a soft spot in my heart as I like the lush area and peaceful ambience of the Mimosa Estate.  In fact, it’s one of our go-to places if we want a quick getaway (similar to Tagaytay).  It has been like a comfort zone for us especially Holiday Inn Clark where we feel at home due to the friendly and accommodating management and staff.

Anyway, since it’s one of our fave places, we were there to celebrate last weekend. But before checking in and enjoying the much-needed R&R, we headed to Dinosaurs Island to check out this new place we found a deal on.

It’s located inside the base.  A bit hard to find though or baka kami lang hehe. Since it’s still a bit new, the place is still being developed.  Although there are already schools going there for their field trip.  Oh no, baka dun mag-field trip ang lil girl!

Since we only got the deal, we found ourselves here –

Don’t want to spoil the adventure much, so here’s a little peek of what’s inside…

But I guess this one’s not for the little ones, as the lil girl just kept her eyes closed the whole time.  You’ll ride a mini electric train to go around the area.  It’s open so that you’ll have a “closer” encounter with the dinosaurs.

Then we’re off to the hotel – which is the more exciting part 🙂


Pool area

Kiddie pool

Adult pool on the left, kiddie pool on the right

But the real highlight of the day was this –

Will blog my newly-discovered steak place in another post and I believe Holiday Inn Clark deserves its own post as well.

Laters baby.

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