Am I Already Nesting?

They say that pregnant women go through a stage called nesting, where you tend to take care of all homey things – cleaning the house, preparing the sheets, just being plain domesticated.

I think this phase already kicked in when I found myself heading to the mall to get the baby bub’s stuff.  It was really shopping (to the max) as I hoarded tie sides, jammies, booties etc.

Also, just this week, I asked help to sort the lil girl’s books and toys so that the play area will be cleaner and more presentable.  In fact, I’m already thinking where to put the slide.  I really think it should be outside at the back garden…hmm, maybe when the baby bub comes out 🙂

The lil girl has been a good assistant, helping me sort out things.  The only problem is we tend to keep more stuff.  Konti lang ang nasa “for others” hahaha

Here’s how the book collection was trimmed down – well, there are some more on the shelf though.

And the toys still need sorting –

Okay, so now I know what we’ll do this weekend.

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