Teambuilding 2013

I said it a million times, and I’ll say it again, I consider myself lucky for working in a company that promotes family, friendship and fun.  Hindi lahat ng companies can say the same thing kaya nga marami minsan gulo sa office dahil they’re conducive to politicking, extra marital affairs, corruption etc.  But really, here in Cebu Pacific, we’re family.

That’s why I’m glad that the Guest Services team invited me to join them in their planning and teambuilding session at Caliraya. It’s a 2-day event but because I don’t think I’m up for staying a night (mejo maselan kasi ang buntis), I was picked up around midnight so that I can sleep comfortably on my bed 🙂

Map of Caliraya Resort Club

Boat station with the hotel at far right

Our boat ride

Our  Their Cottage


GS team

Here are some snapshots of the 1st night before they start the real fun –

Thanks guys!

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