EJ and Bem’s Wedding

You know how I get sentimental over weddings, right?  I rarely passed up an opportunity to witness one especially if the venue’s somewhere new to me…and historic.

One Saturday afternoon, I found our little family traversing NLEX to attend a wedding ceremony at Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan.

GS Team

EJ and Bem at the church

The reception was held at the nearby (less than 5 minutes drive) Feliza Jazz Pavillion

Since the couple are coffee fanatics, they turned the venue to a Starbucks store (complete with the tent)

They also put up a coffee mean machine to serve guests with mocha and latte

The lovely couple at the venue

And here are some snaps of the lil girl and me.  It’s her first time to attend a grown up event like a wedding so she was pretty excited with loads of questions.

Taken by me on my trusty S3 🙂

Congratulations and best wishes Mr. and Mrs. Malinao!

Special shout-out:  All photos are c/o Reignald unless specified 

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