Calle Arco: Old Town, Old House Charm

The road to Pagsanjan last week was full of surprises.  I know I’ve been to this part of Laguna when I was a kid but can’t remember much of it.  So this time around, I tried hard not to doze off (fail…I was asleep from Los Banos to Pila) as I try to absorb all the things these towns have to offer.

I was pleasantly surprised when we stopped for (late) lunch at this charming old house right after the old welcome arch.
The exterior of the place looks eclectic.
The interior of the place though is vintage Filipino.

The food’s also something.  Cheap but appetizing.
Too bad wasn’t able to take photos of our orders.  Super gutom na kaya talo talo 🙂
GS team while waiting for food
Will definitely drop by this place again…with fam naman next time.

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