Just a Week After

I can’t believe that it has only been a week since my last post and so many things had already happened. The week had been pretty chaotic because last November 8, typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) struck the Visayas region.  Provinces were brought to the ground as its effects were heavily felt in Kalibo, Roxas, Busuanga and with Tacloban being the most damaged.

I can’t help but get affected by the videos and photos I see on the web via CNN and other news channels. It’s heartbreaking to see the anguish on the faces of the victims/ survivors.  Some are still looking for loved ones; others have homes, families, communities wiped out.  I can’t imagine the pain and suffering they are going through right now.

I hope that in our own little ways, we would be able to help out in the relief operations.  Here are some relief centers in Metro Manila you might want to check out especially in the coming weekend.

I also pray that our countrymen’s sufferings will end and our government will hasten the recovery process. This is somewhat frustrating now as operations are as if in slow motion mode.  The roads are not cleared yet, the dead bodies are still on the streets, some remote areas are not yet reached, people are hungry and had to result to looting to survive. It’s also a bit embarrassing especially since foreign aid are coming in from many countries.

But hope is still alive.  This is Day 7 of hope.

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