Kumon Time

Because I almost gave up teaching the ‘lil girl how to read last quarter, we decided to enroll her in Kumon to prepare her for big words.  To begin with, she already loves (story) books so baka kailangan lang nya ma-motivate to read.

Our Kumon experience started with a parents’ orientation.  Basically, this briefing was for parents to understand what the program is all about and check if both parents and child can commit to its quite strict regimen.

We were lucky because there was a free 2-week trial so she was able to experience the Kumon way prior to getting her enrolled.  She said she loved it so we officially enrolled her in Reading.  There are 2 courses – Math and Reading.  It was suggested that for the first 3 months, you only take 1 subject to help you have a feel of it.  The first few sessions were a breeze for her.  Lately, she’s getting distracted and pahirapan to have her do her worksheets homework.

The classes are twice a week of 1 hour each or until you finish the given workload for the day.  Then you’re given assignments enough to last you until the next session.  In effect, the homework should be done everyday but since the ‘lil girl doesn’t want to do hers every night, she squeezes everything in 1 night.  Thus, her irritability because truth to say, it’s tiring with all the repetitions.  Of course, for a child who easily gets bored, it’s hard to explain that you need to practice to make it perfect 🙂

I know it’s too early to notice the changes brought about by Kumon on her.  Even the instructors say that the difference and advantages take time to be felt. But what I like is that she’s getting fast in her reading skills and she’s starting to become patient (and I am too).

There are days when she’s cranky and would even throw her worksheets away.  But I guess, it just takes time and a lot of patience and we’ll reap the rewards of Kumon.

Kumon Pateros
Unit 8 Paulina Bldg.
162 M. Almeda St. Brgy. San Roque
Pateros, Metro Manila
Tel. No. (+632) 642-8095

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