It Comes in 3s

A very nice surprise indeed!

You all know that I’m preggers, right?  But I bet you didn’t know that I have 2 other friends who are (more) pregnant than I am šŸ™‚

Yes, you heard it right.  My 2 childhood friends, who I practically grew up with, are also both pregnant.  I guess, haven’t really shared much about my friends to you, so here goes…

Rhon and I are friends since kindergarten, as in classmates until high school.  She’s my closest friend kasi she saw me at my best and at my worst.  We just kind of drifted apart (in the sense that we didn’t get to hang out like we used to when we were in college) because we went to different schools and took totally different courses – medical-related on her part, corporate on mine.  But whenever we see each other, parang di kami matagal na di nagkita.  We pick up where we left off ang usual drama namin.

Then, there’s Michelle.  We became classmates in high school.  And even if we are usually pitted against each other academically, we are really friends.  Nag-click kami.  She’s simple and down-to-earth, walang arte sa katawan kaya siguro kami okay.  In many ways, we’re similar.  She also took on a medical-related course in college, so we went separate ways.  She and Rhon became closer because they had the same interests, lived on the same street etc. You get the picture…

I would be the first to admit that it was me who went my own way.  I truly enjoyed my college life and the new world it opened up for me so I took for granted my friends from way back.  At that time, I felt there was very little connection between us and I couldn’t understand why they kept themselves to our own little world.  Let’s put it this way, Rhon married her high school sweetheart and Michelle preferred the company of our old friends.  Naiba ako šŸ™

Anyway, we got reconnected when I admitted my mistake and learned to reconcile both worlds.  It was further strengthened when we started having our own families.  All 3 of us have 1 child each and about to have our 2nd šŸ™‚  Dahil natuwa kami na we’re all pregnant, we’re planning to have a maternity shoot with the help of our other childhood friend, PJ (who owns V2 Studio – see banner on the right side of this page). Will post more about this when I have details na.

Here’s a photo taken a couple of years back when our Australia-based friend Kaye came back for a visit –

Michelle, Kaye, me and Rhon

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