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Please allow me to share with you a snippet of my Cebu Pacific life.  I rarely talk about work simply because I don’t really look at it as work.  I guess it’s because I have been with this company since I was a baby (exagg…pero totoo).  I was a baby, plucked out of college when I first (officially) joined the company. Actually, I was still in college when I started as a trainee.  I completed my training hours then graduated then took a break before joining the team again…got sidetracked a bit on my 5th year then returned and never looked back.

I could say I’m one of the lucky ones who landed a job that they truly like.  Yes, there were times when I get frustrated because of the business and craziness of the airline industry, but I like it!  I truly missed it when I left for a few months and tried a different industry. Nakaka-miss makita sa ramp na nakapark ang mga planes hehe šŸ™‚

Anyway, what I’d really like to share is that starting today, October 7, is our 1st long haul service – Manila-Dubai-Manila.

From Cebu Pacific’s FB page

I am just so proud to be part of the team who had seen a lot of firsts in the airline.  I saw the first international flight to Hong Kong take off in November 2001, which also was the first B757 flight.  I also witnessed the first charter flight to China in March 2004 and to Japan in June 2004.  Then came the airline’s service to Boracay using ATRs in February 2009.  Then there were also firsts on the product side – airline/hotel partnerships (remember Great Value Ticket and Hotels Plus, anyone?), e-ticket, Commuter Pass, low cost carrier concept etc.  Dami talaga!

Nakakatuwa lang that from a small airline operating 24 flights daily who comes a far 2nd in terms of market share in the PH years back, Cebu Pacific is now a force to reckon with.  We are the largest airline in the PH operating more than 200 flights a day.  Bongga di ba?!  Before, parang 300 lang kami na employees, now we’re I think close to 1,500 already.  Dati lahat kakilala mo, probably not by name but at least by face.  But now, you’d only be familiar with the people from before and a few from the newbies.

Sorry if I get emotional about this, but it’s truly a moment of pride.  Before we only use to dream about bigger airplanes and international destinations.  Now, we’re realizing these dreams.  #dreamsdocometrue

So, where to next? šŸ™‚

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