The First Trimester Woes

I actually felt the symptoms later than my first pregnancy…so I thought baka this time I won’t experience them. *wishful thinking* because as soon as I hit my 7th week, the craziness started.

Of course, there’s the usual morning sickness. But in my case, it’s more like late afternoon to evening sickness.  Then there’s the feeling of lethargy – don’t want to move much, just want to stay in bed, sleepiness. And my emotions were quite high strung as I struggle with mood swings.  I was elated to the max one time and then feeling depressed the next.

I also had bouts of infection and was advised to take time off from work for bed rest.  That short break did me good because I had time to spend with the lil girl (sya pa yata ang nagsawa sa kin) and it abated my infection.  I was having extreme lower back pain then and almost had an (threatened) abortion so had to take it easy.

However, that didn’t stop me from going on roadtrips with the family.  After always getting clearance from my fab doctor, Dr. Madelene Ang-de Joya, I’m off! Who says you can’t enjoy the first 3 months?!

But basically, this is how I look in the 1st trimester – pagod!

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