My 2nd Pregnancy: The Start

I promised to share with you my 9-month journey to mommyhood (again).  Let me start my kwento with when I learned I was pregnant.

I’m one of those na malakas ang sense sa mga ganyan (that’s why I believe in kutob).  So when I was nearing  the date of my expected monthly period and I felt differently, I kinda know that something’s up in already.  I waited for a couple of days just to be sure though.

And, after a few days…

When I learned about it, my initial reaction was – when will I be due, peak month ba sa office nun?  Hahaha…I know, mejo career woman ang peg.  Then I started thinking about my family’s reaction specifically the lil girl’s.  Will she be okay with a sibling etc?  In my mind, I’m already going through the logistics and finances especially since we’re planning to have the lil girl enter big school next year.

We waited for a bit before we shared the news to family.  In fact, I went for a check-up first before we broke the news to them. Then I went off somewhere for work first and had my ultrasound before I made kwento to our friends.  And I waited for the 1st trimester to be over before I posted about my pregnancy here.

As I’ve said, it’s really just because we want to savor the moment first before we put it out there. But one thing’s for sure, I truly appreciate your greetings and well wishes.

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