Oh Boy!

Yes, we’re having a boy! šŸ™‚

Learned about it a couple of days back and just wanted to savor it for a time before we share with everyone. To be honest, it wasn’t really a surprise (for me, at least) since I’ve been experiencing a totally different pregnancy from the 1st.  May feeling na ko na boy kasi sakit ng ulo ang binibigay hahaha

Anyway, went for a scan and had it confirmed.  I went with hubby and lil girl, but it was really the lil girl who stole the show.  She was very inquisitive and curious, asking a lot of questions, pointing to the monitor etc. Can’t wait when we can go have the 4D pics already (which I think will be by early December pa – would be a nice anniversary gift).

Here’s a snapshot of the baby bub…

Now, we need to think of a nice name šŸ™‚  Any suggestions?

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