I’m Grateful…

I want to start the 2nd half of my pregnancy on a good tone.

I remember when I was in college and hooked on Oprah, there was an episode encouraging people to write something they’re grateful for each and every day.  It can be a very simple “i satisfied my McDo burger craving at lunch”.  It doesn’t have to be super grand or major.

I was thinking about my life (naks) now and I got inspired to write down the things I’m grateful for.  Sabi nga sa 1 post that I read in a friend’s IG account – My life ain’t perfect, but I’m grateful.

So here goes…the things I’m grateful for…

– my daughter’s understanding that I can’t carry her and play with her the way I used to because I’m carrying her baby bro in my tummy.  I just hope that she’ll continue to be generous of her time especially when the baby comes out.
– my family’s support during the difficult periods in my life.  I know that I’ve been a bear to deal with the past months but they see me through trying times.
– my work and the fun, smart people I work with.  Truly my work has been a blessing as generally it doesn’t feel like work (sometimes).  Not all people can say the same about their work.  Also, a major reason why I’m sticking it out here is that I’m having a great time with my colleagues.  They had become friends.
– that my morning (or should I say evening) sickness is gone.  It actually didn’t last long, and was shorter than my 1st pregnancy
– that even if I got hospitalized for a couple of days, my baby’s healthy and kicking (already)!
– for having friends that are going through the same condition as I am.  Yes, I have 2 friends who are pregnant as well!  And the best part is we’re just weeks apart from each other.  Pwedeng maging playmates ang mga anak namin šŸ™‚
– for the laughter the kids (my lil girl and my pamangkins) bring.  They can really rest a weary soul.  Kahit anong pagod, basta magtawanan sila, one can’t help but laugh with them.
– for the proximity of supermarkets and drug stores at our place.  The convenience of just going out (even in your sleepwear) to buy stuff is really something to be thankful for.
– for having mommy blogger friends.  They make me feel at home and welcome.  They are really a bunch of talented, intelligent and caring individuals.
– that God gave us a baby boy!  Yes, we heard the good news over the weekend…and we’re excited to meet him šŸ™‚  – will do a separate post on this.

Thank you!

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