The Big Reveal

It took me quite a long time to write again because I’ve been feeling a lot under the weather the past month or so because…I’m expecting!!!

Yes folks, you heard it right šŸ™‚  It took me awhile also to let that particular info sink in so I would understand if you’re feeling the same.  For those who know me well and have witnessed my first, you’d probably say…”Akala ko ba ayaw mo na?” hehehe…well, me too.  That’s what I thought too especially right after giving birth to the ‘lil girl – tough times I tell you, it was really overwhelming.  But I guess, time and motherhood changed me.  This 2nd one isn’t planned/ unplanned, it was more of kung ibibigay ni God, why not; kung darating, okay lang.  So when it did, I still had to process the concept in my mind but this ‘lil darling (we don’t know yet if boy or girl…whatchathink, ano bet nyo?) is definitely a welcome addition to our family.
Even the ‘lil girl’s pretty excited…

Taken on my 6th week or thereabouts

I know I’ve been secretive.  It’s not that I don’t want to share but more like I just didn’t have the energy to type and tell my woes while I’m experiencing them.

My first trimester (thank God it’s over!) wasn’t a bed of roses.  Of course I already expected the constant throwing up, but again thankfully it wasn’t, I guess as bad as the first.  I only had bouts after lunch ’til the evening instead of whole day, after every meal which I experienced before.

But what made this one particularly difficult was I had a case of threatened abortion, which is something new to me.  It started with a lower back pain that won’t go away on my 9th week.  Since it was really bothersome, I decided to check with my OB-GYNE, Dr. Madelene Ang-de Joya (she’s one fab lady doc!) and when I came in for check-up and some laboratory tests, we found out I had urinary tract infection, and was then advised to take weeks off from work.  I was on bed rest for 2 weeks (though it felt like longer as I was feeling like a sloth…not slut, ibang tao yun na kilala ko noh hehe).

I also felt lethargic and sort of out of wits, and emotional hormonal.  My mood swings were bad (actually parang up to now).  I was ecstatic one moment then crying the next.  It’s a good thing I was confined in our home as I don’t think I was good company then.  Mabwibwisit lang mga tao sa kin.

Now, I’m on my 2nd trimester and although some symptoms are gone, I’m still not sporting that pregnancy glow.  There are good days and bad days; some parang di ako buntis days and days I feel so pregnant, already experiencing heartburn and the like.

I shall try my best to chronicle my pregnancy journey and share with you what catches my fancy, what makes me tick etc.  I regret not being able to jot down in detail my first – most of those happy moments were stored only in my memory bank and the not happy ones in my planner.  So I will make bawi this time and really list down the details. *keeping fingers crossed*

I had my ultrasound at In My Womb.  You may schedule your appointments:

In My Womb
2nd floor, Glorietta Link Bldg.
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. No. (+632) 856-5798

Visit their site to know more about them and find their branches in the metro.

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2 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. Weeee! Apple like I said, I’m so happy for you! Diba pareho tayo na if it comes, it comes as a blessing. Hooray for your early blessing! šŸ˜€ When are you due?

    • Hahaha…thanks! We’re going to have a boy, oh di ba? šŸ™‚ I’m due early Feb…eggziting!

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