9 thoughts on “Zach Sobiech

  1. RIP Zach. I know you’re in good hands now. No more pain, no more surgeries and no more chemotherapy.

    • Yes, that’s the upside šŸ™‚ But his story and his life’s really touching noh?

  2. I think this is a message for all of us to just enjoy life, do good to people and follow your dreams while you still have a lot of time.Time is so precious…

  3. Eds

    It’s really hard to feel when you know your end is near. He was a brave person and a great artist. He will surely be remembered with this song.

    • Nice the melody of the song noh, very light šŸ™‚

  4. I love the song. It’s hard when you know you’re time is near but it makes you realize to live your life.

    • The melody is nice noh? Light sa ears and catchy.

  5. Awww.. So touching! Life is short talaga. We don’t know kung kailan tayo mawawala sa mundo. Hindi natin alam kung bukas o sa makalawa babawiin na ang taong mahal natin. Tama ka, Apple, live, laugh and love.

    Thanks for sharing. Na-luha ako ng slight, nakakadala din kasi yung song.

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