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One thing that would surely make me giddy and remember my childhood days in a flash is a visit to amusement parks.  Truly, they are for kids and kids at heart.  So when we accidentally stumble upon Sky Ranch/ Sky Fun in Tagaytay one of those lazy days, you couldn’t imagine my (and my ‘lil girl’s) delight šŸ™‚

It’s being developed by SMDC and there are still more rides (I assume) that are being constructed.  But the few currently operating are already hits with the kids as lines are starting to grow.

There is an entrance fee of PhP100, but until May 31 they’re on 50% off.  There’s a riding stable where you can ride a horse for PhP250 for 30 minutes.

Then once inside, you pay for individual rides ranging from PhP50 to PhP150.  They don’t have an all-you-can ride pass (yet) so it can be chaotic at times.

Of course the highlight of the park is the tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines – the Tagaytay Eye!

where you can enjoy the view of Taal volcano, town and surrounding areas –

Other rides that we enjoyed –

1. Wonder Flight – like a mini hot air balloon

2. Nessie Coaster– roller coaster for kids

3. Carousel

4. Inflatable slide

There are no restaurants in the park yet.  Only food stands are available so grab a bite before you enter the park or head on over to Taal Vista (which is right beside it) or to Robinsons Supermarket/ Summit Ridge (which is just less than a minute drive).

All in all, the park’s okay especially since the entrance fee is still on promo.  Charging it higher than that wouldn’t be a welcome treat anymore. They should also offer a day pass just to avoid lining up every so often.  I would definitely suggest this for families to visit to enjoy the view and get that “perya-like” feeling šŸ™‚

Sky Fun Amusement Park/ Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Beside Taal Vista Hotel
Km 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Open 3PM to 10PM

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8 thoughts on “Tagaytay Eye

  1. Parang di ko kaya yung ferris wheel hehe. Sana they would come up with a ride-all-you-can pass, para di masyado pricey.

    • Chika yung ferris wheel. You won’t notice the height because enjoy ka talaga sa view. Yes, sana noh para rin 1 lining up lang šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Whenever we go to Tagaytay without a plan, I always run out of places to suggest.

    • Hahaha…no problem :)thanks also for reading.

  3. Grabe I am afraid of heights mukhang di ko kakayanin ang ferris wheel! Sa EK palang nga eh everytime nasa taas ako para akong maiihi! Pero I hope we get to experience this with the kids.

    • It’s enclosed sis so chika ang ride šŸ™‚

  4. thanks for sharing, mommy! aside from taal volcano, another reason yang sky ranch to enjoy tagaytay. šŸ™‚

  5. Wow this definitely an added attraction in Tagaytay.

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