Mini Me – Mommy Blessie and Feisty Isha

Truly “mana sa mommy”, Blessie’s darling daughter Isha is showing even at a young age that she’s strong-willed and will do everything to get what she wants.  She’s as feisty as her mom…on court and off.

I’ve known Blessie for over a decade now and the first thing that stands out in my memory of her is her volleyball prowess.  It’s no surprise then that she also wishes for Isha to excel in the sport.  She’s showing interest now anyway as she enjoys watching the games with her mommy Blessie.

It’s not just sports that bring them closer together but music as well.  Blessie and Isha love watching Glee and Pitch Perfect, and sing along to the songs.

Mommy Blessie and Isha – 6

One more thing that binds them – they adore the men in their lives!  Eric and Enzo, you are both lucky to have Bless and Isha as your wife/ mommy, daughter/ sister.  They totally rock!

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