Life After Cable

I can’t get over the many changes of how we observe Holy Week now against how we used to do things when I was a kid.

Growing up it was the season I don’t look forward to the most because it meant I won’t get to play outside, none of my favorite TV shows will be on because stations will only be showing religious movies, no meat on Good Friday (which I consider severe punishment as I don’t eat veggies) and there’s really nothing to do – no cars on the road etc. The only bright spot for me then was that we host the Pabasa in our street.  We start very early Thursday morning and finish Friday afternoon just right before the evening procession.

But when cable TV gained popularity and most everybody had theirs, life in the usually-quiet metro started to change.  Now, it seems that Holy Week is no different from a regular day…just busier at the start of the long break and less crowded during the vacay but picks up when over.

I was TV surfing last Good Friday, looking for “Jesus of Nazareth” which was a staple before but found none. The cable channels continued on their regular programming while the local stations showed reruns with some religious shows inserts.  Gone were the days when “The Ten Commandments” is shown.

I had mixed feelings on this – on one side, I welcome the idea of not being completely shut off from the world…and there are plenty of things to entertain my daughter who has the tendency to get impatient and easily bored.  However, I also strongly feel disappointed that the Holy Week of my childhood is no longer evident and Lian won’t highly likely not going to experience it anymore.  It feels like many things are fading and all I have are memories.

So many changes…not so sure if for the best…what do you think?

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