Remembering Pope John Paul II

It’s been 8 years since Pope John Paul II returned to his home in heaven.

I can still recall I was in between jobs at that time so I was able to follow all news reports in CNN.  I’m blessed to have known him almost my entire existence, but I’m double, triple blessed now because I’ve known 3 Popes as of this writing 🙂

But for now, let me share with you this documentary done by CNN a year after Pope John Paul’s death.  Don’t forget to ready some tissue as you will be moved by how his closest friends remember him, his vocation, his leadership and his last days.

I just feel that it’s apt to post this now as it’s the same month, same week of his passing.

I don’t know him personally.  I’ve only seen him twice when he came over for the World Youth Day in 1995 here in Manila.  I missed him when I went to Rome in 2002 as he was off somewhere then.  But his impact in my life and how I see things spiritually are influenced by him.

I miss him.

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