The Best Friends (Years) of My 5J Life

Whenever I think of office friends, this bunch always comes at the top of my list.  This group of wacky, witty, smart and talented people made up the best years of my working life.  They saw me happy, ecstatic even and cried with me when I was depressed, drank with me both on good and bad times and made working…fun.

From the original group of 8, only 2 of us (Blessie and me) continue to work in 5J.  The rest had (a) moved on to another company, (b) put up their own businesses, or (c) moved to the US to start a family.

Sayang, I don’t have digital copies of our pics from long time ago which would serve as reminders of our kasiyahan, kalokohan atbp…and because of the fire, only few were saved which I need to make kalkal from my baul pa.

We try to get together every time our friends from the US will come for a visit.  This one’s when Binks and Jon came for a vacay in 2006 –

Jon, Binks, Bless, me, Weng and Teng

When Ren vacationed in 2010 –

Ren, Bless, me and Teng

 Another balikbayan moment when Binks came in 2011 –

Teng, me, Bless, Binks and Weng

And the latest – just last night, we had a pre-Valentine dinner

Teng, Tin, me and Bless

The circa ’03 Girls

The Group circa ’03

The Girls of Product (1st batch)

We grew up professionally together.  And how I work now and deal with people are influenced primarily with the way this group interacted before.  I would like to think that all of us learned from our friendship and interactions when we were still working together.

But more than being officemates, they were my friends.  We’ve been through courtships, steadies, family illnesses, deaths, on-off relationships, heartbreaks, marriages, childbirth, another pregnancy etc together.  It actually seems unreal that the topics we now talk about are those that we’ve never imagined ourselves to be talking about when we were hanging out in the early 2000’s.

Matatanda na nga pala kami šŸ™‚  But we don’t feel our age…we feel older (kidding) hahaha…Seriously, whenever I’m with them, I feel that I’m back to being my silly 23-year old self.  And our (mis)adventures from way back then were always retold and for some reason, they get funnier.  Iba lang talaga.

So to my friends – Ren, Bless, Weng, Teng, Binks, Hens and Rico, I will always treasure our moments together.  Isama na rin sina Adette and Mads šŸ™‚

I love you guys!

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