Fiesta…Pateros Style

We celebrated the Fiesta of Sta. Marta yesterday in my hometown, Pateros – the town by the river. This tag stuck because of the coffee table book the Municipal Government and the San Roque Parish launched last Friday.

My Aunt attended the party and according to her, it was really a reunion of sorts for the families of “mga taal na taga-Pateros”.

When I borrowed and started browsing the book, I can’t help but get teary-eyed in some portions especially when photos from years past were shown and life from way back were showcased.  I have never been more proud of my hometown and our family’s contribution to the town than when I was reading the book.  It certainly gave me a different perspective of living in a small town where everybody knows (almost) everybody.

It seemed like a good start of the fiesta weekend.  And it was indeed as family and friends went to celebrate with us.  Just too bad that the grand procession did not no longer pass our house.  Only the barangay-sponsored procession did.

That was in the morning…then in the evening –

Night swimming

Joy, Kat, me and Clauie

Kat, me, Clauie, Eric and Bless

Kat Clauie, Lian and me

The Pateros fiesta is steeped with tradition – there were still old townsfolk that danced while Sta. Martha was carried. There was a Pandanggo Dance Contest on the eve of the fiesta and Pagoda sa Daan the day before.

It was a sight that I hope my ‘lil one will continue to experience, enjoy and hold dear to her heart.  Nothing beats old towns’ charm 🙂

Any fiesta traditions you observe?

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10 thoughts on “Fiesta…Pateros Style

  1. Yes. We do have one in Naga City the Penafrancia Festival every September. Good thing I was there during the 300th year. I agree with you, fiestas are passed on generations to generations and I hope the younger ones will continue to nurture our culture.

    • How I wish I can witness the Penafrancia Festival. It’s also a fluvial parade, right?

      Yes, and that younger generations protect the observance of festivals so that our identity as people in a community will also not be lost.

  2. Happy Fiesta to the City of Pateros! I saw in facebook (Councilor Daisy Reyes’s page) this coffee table book and it looks so interesting, I want a copy for myself.

    Here in Quezon City, each church parish celebrates the fiesta according to the birthdate of the patron saint. We just do a community reach out to poor barangays and a feeding program to all kids.

    • Hey, that’s nice. It’s always better to give than to receive 🙂

  3. Nice pool. And I knew Pateros for balut and Jimmy Santos. Hehe 🙂

    Denise, Bebengisms

    • Thanks! Oh yeah,lots of balut and Jimmy Santos’ family still lives here

  4. Agree with the tradition should be pass on. Sometimes the modern life offsets the culture we have. Sad.

    Here at Laloma QC, I super love the famous parada ng Lechon. =)

    • You’re from LaLoma??? I have never been to the parada ng lechon. When is it held? I’d like to go 🙂

  5. Fiestas are one of our traditions that will stay for a long time.
    By the way, as I was looking at the pictures, I thought, these electrical wires really ruined the whole view.

    • Oh yeah, bummer noh?

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