Waiting for Something

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re just waiting for something to happen?  Not necessarily something big nor waiting for impending doom but something you know that will change your life?

I don’t know why I’m feeling this way now.  It’s like I’m floating and days just go by.  Don’t get me wrong because I still function, quite well in fact. I’m still productive – juggling stressful work and mommy duties and everything else.

But the nagging feeling is still there.  Won’t go away.

What do you think should I do?

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10 thoughts on “Waiting for Something

  1. I feel the same, weary about the future so I’m hoping for a big, positive, life changing event. We should surrender everything to God, and pray. God’s Will be done!

    • Thanks! Sometimes I feel like I’m such a worry-wart.

  2. Hi Apple! It really happens that sometimes a person can feel that something is missing. Don’t worry, this too shall pass. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I sure hope so. I’m not liking this feeling.

  3. You are not alone Sis. I do get that feeling sometimes. There’s really nothing we can do about how this thing affects us. All we can do is to go on with our stuff, and hopes that whatever odd feeling we have will a positive result.

    • Thanks…I hope things will get better soon.

  4. You are not alone in that situation. Be glad that you get to work on the side despite the stress. I blame it on the female hormones why we feel that sometimes. You just need to loosen up a bit and pray hard that it will pass. Keep yourself focused on the things you want to accomplish and achieve. God Bless You!

    • Thanks Ning! Yes, prayers do wonders.

  5. I too, have these feelings sometimes. I guess us moms who are at home most of the time do have such tendencies, what with the routine and ordinariness we have to deal with everyday.

    Traveling, even just to the grocery or a nearby destination, just by myself and the baby makes me feel better when those tendencies hit. Maybe indulging in new activities and discoveries would work?

  6. True. Thanks, no better time to take up a new hobby than now. šŸ™‚

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