I Miss These…

Some random thoughts this gloomy Monday* – I miss…

  • hanging out with college friends at Aristocrat Resto in school in between classes
  • Meteor Garden DVD marathon while munching on Chips Ahoy and drinking Coke
  • eating Saging con Yelo in the afternoon
  • the old house 
  • going out on a date
  • watching basketball games live
  • drinking coffee – stopped when I got pregnant and never got back to it again
  • losing myself in books
  • going away on weekends
  • the beach
  • cradling a baby
  • just doing nothing – chill lang ang peg
  • staring at the window overlooking the street during rainy days
  • hello and see you later kisses
  • driving while holding hands
  • karaoke sessions with office friends – Music 21 days
  • hotel-hopping 
  • eating rice, tocino and egg for breakfast – has to be that of the store near our old place
  • life without SNS – when things were less complicated
  • listening to morning news over the radio while preparing to go to work
  • eating out during Fridays with my group in the office
  • nighttime chats
  • getting sweet messages in the middle of the day
  • working up a sweat – need to get back to running
  • not worrying
  • my simple life
I guess there are more…just need to get back to work, breaktime’s over 🙂
*I started this list yesterday

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