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Nestled in Lipa, Batangas is a huge farm and mini animal sanctuary we visited a few weekends ago.  We’ve actually been planning to go since last year but never got around to visiting because we either put it off for another day or was saving for the ‘lil girl’s school trip (we were thinking kasi na baka dun).  Then just one lazy afternoon, we got up and went.


Then you are directed to pay for entrance fee at this nice looking hut –

Registration hut
On the way to the parking
First stop: Maze
We had fun crossing the hanging bridges 🙂

The farm also has cottages for overnight use. Just a bit creepy, maybe because it’s at the back and it’s not exactly peak season so most are there for a day trip.

They also have a function hall –

And what brought us here – the animals.  We were disappointed because we thought it’s a petting zoo. But aside from 1 ostrich and a couple of birds (in cages), those are the only animals they have in the farm.

But what they lack in animal activity, they made up for in food!  As in yummy!  We paid for entrance with meals package instead of just the ordinary entrance fee.

Their placemat is also entertaining for kids –

The ‘lil girl found their malunggay soup good.  She can’t get enough of it.

Sizzling pork liempo

 After touring the farm, which is actually quite huge (open spaces galore!), it was already dark.  Bummer because they didn’t have enough lights.  So we had to content ourselves with a quick playground time and a relaxing swing, the old-fashioned way – via rubber tires!

It was actually a welcome respite from the busy work week.  Personally, being at peace with nature gave me the energy to face another busy work week.

BluRoze Farms
Lodlod, Lipa City
Tel. No. (+6343) 756-5452/ (+6343) 312-4705
Mobile No. (+63917)477-4486

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