Women of Windsor

Over the holidays, I picked up a book from my sister’s bedside table and I didn’t put it down until I finished the relatively-thick book.  It was an interesting, intriguing read about the lives of the Windsor women (British royalty).  The book narrated the lives of The Queen Mum, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and Princess Anne; and touched a bit about Princess Diana.

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What struck me most about this book is that duty plays an important role in how they live, to the point that they are willing to sacrifice their wants, desires and even love.  One particular incident that caught me was during the early years of their marriage, Queen Elizabeth stood waving goodbye to her husband who would be traveling for months without her and she knew that he would be fooling around onboard the Britannia, but can’t do anything about it, because she can’t go with him as she was needed in London.  It’s not like she can just get off and travel with him.  She had to stay behind because she had obligations and responsibilities.

It’s a realization that even with the status, fame, wealth and bloodline, these women are just like us who face the same challenges; only difference is that theirs are magnified.  They experience heartaches as well and are not immune to bad hair days. They actually carry a lot on their shoulders especially during the war times.  And it was these Windsor women, not the men who are strong-willed and intelligent.  They are the ones who showed nerves of steel during trying times.  The Queen Mum was Bertie’s pillar of strength, he wouldn’t have overcome his stammer without her belief in him.  It was Queen Elizabeth’s maturity who held the nation together (and continues to do so) when her father passed away.  Princess Margaret’s vivaciousness enthralled the country, she was, as the book said, the Diana of her day.  And Princess Anne, although she herself had problems, she is the most stable personality in the House of Windsor.  Now, as Camilla and Katherine joined the family, I wonder what would happen to “The Firm”.

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