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Barely a week had passed in 2013, and I already feel weary.  Must be because my schedule had been hectic and full with meetings, errands etc.  Not to mention my year didn’t really get off to a good start.  Oh well, I need positive vibes to combat negative thoughts (and people too…I don’t like to be surrounded with negastars!)

This year, according to my Chinese astrology –

2013 will be a good year for the person born in the Year of the Horse provided they can overcome the negative attributes in their life – namely their impulsiveness.
And the Horse person should take extra care of their health because 2013 will be challenging in this area.

That’s why in order for me to maximize this year, I’d like to set some goals.  This is somewhat different from my wish list which is a bit shallow as this contains only material, concrete things I’d like to acquire, get, buy etc.  Last year, I think I was able to tick off majority in my wish list…yey! šŸ™‚  This year, I decided to write down my goals as well to give me direction and guidance.

Let me share them with you –

1. Health and fitness – I would make exercise a part of my life like the way I did back in 2011 when I joined runs and did a half-marathon.  Aside from losing weight, I gained confidence and my stamina’s at an all-time high (I think) that time.  This year, I’d like to have a taste of that again as I feel older than my biological age…sheesh.
2. Spiritual – When I was younger, I was an active server in our parish.  As I grew up and became busy with life, I felt that I neglected this part unintentionally.  This year, I’d like to rejuvenate my faith and stay closer to God.  I will find a quiet time to feel His presence and hopefully, find a spiritual support group as well.
3. Career – I really felt blessed that my work life, although not a bed of roses, not a bed of thorns either.  I’m grateful that I have a strong, dependable team.  This year, it’s my intention to make my team grow as individuals and as a single unit.  It will be my success if they are recognized for their talents.  Also, I’d like to see myself launching more projects this year.

For my other career, I’d like to take on more events and really explore this business.  I know I won’t be able to make a career out of it yet but I’d like to start.

4. Travels – We’ve planning for this since 2 years ago and we’ve just put if off every year.  Hopefully this time, it will push through. It’s been far too long since we went on a month-long vacay with family. But then again, would need a lot of moolah for this…sigh.
5. Relationships and family – Last year was really challenging.  In fact, there are still unresolved issues that I hope we could work out on this year.  I would really try to be a better partner and work out my trust issues (wala kasi ko tiwala sa ibang tao hahaha) and minimize my paranoia (praning din kasi ko ng slight).  I also hope the family will grow in all aspects.

6. Personal – This one’s tied with my item #2 as some things under this item need to be prayed for.  For starters,

a) Reading – Since I lost my book collection, I resorted to reading via Kindle…but I miss the smell of books! So this year, I’m contemplating about rebuilding my library

b) Blog – I want to be more serious in blogging.  I want to learn how to take this to a higher level – bigger audience, wider network, higher earnings

I guess that’s about it.  These are the things (resolutions if you want to call them) that I’ll work on this year.  Hope I can count on you to remind me if I’m straying šŸ™‚

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