2012 Yearender

I had to read my 2011 yearender post before typing this just to have some perspective on how my year was this time around.

2012 was a year of extremes – fabulous highs and depressing lows.  Let me share with you, both good and bad things that made my year and me tougher, and hopefully wiser.

1. Trip to the US – just when I thought I won’t have exciting international travels this year, I was tasked to attend a conference in Utah.  A task I’m happy to have been obliged to do šŸ™‚  It’s my first time in the US so it was an exciting trip despite the long travel hours (almost a day) and the short stay in Park City.

2. Roadtrips within Luzon – summer was sulit because of the trips we’ve taken as an extended family to new not so new places like Hundred Islands, Baguio, La Union.  What we lack in air travels last 2012, we made up for traveling via land.

3. Hotel stays – had a field day checking out (or should I say in) different hotels within the metro and Luzon as we had little staycations every month or so.

4. Job promotion – my year started off pretty well professionally when I was given a bigger team to handle.  Up to now, I’m still a bit overwhelmed with the job. Honestly, I just trust my common sense in dealing with cases.  The added bonus of this level up is there’s a brand new car sitting at our garage now šŸ™‚

5. Across the miles friends – most of my close college friends are no longer based in the Philippines. They now live in the US and Canada.  I’m just happy that the reason why they’re there is because they’re living happy-married lives.

6. Personal challenges – I’m still in a place now where I’m trying to understand things and process them.  Yes, I’m not happy but I’m getting by.  I need to be. I don’t know what the outcome will be…yet.

7. New acquaintances – since I decided to be more open online, I have found a community of mom bloggers I share mommyhood stories with regularly (or try to touch base with regularly).  I have yet to meet them personally and I hope one day we will have a get-together.

8. This blog – I became more active in this blog by sharing more stories, opening myself to my readers (which made a few angry because it feels like invasion of privacy), updated its look to reflect more of my personality.

9. Office support group – my office has been my refuge whenever I have home difficulties.  The group of people I work with day in and day out, made things enjoyable for me as they look up to me and encourage me to be a better person and boss.  There are some, although not within my group, that made things hell as well, I still feel excited to go to work because of the happy people that surround me.

10. Lian, family and Ate Day – I always say that I may not had been the best daughter, or am I a good sister or wife, but I can say that truly in my heart, I know I’m a good mom.  My ‘lil girl is the reason I continue to smile and wake up with a skip in my step.  My heart expands whenever I see her do something extraordinary for a newly-turned 4 year old girl.  I’m also grateful for my family and Ate Day as they pitched in to take care of Lian when we’re not able to do so (like when I was away or we can’t take a day off from work).

Last 2012 was a bittersweet year.  There were better years and I hope that 2013 will be kinder and better.  Everyday I pray that things will be or close to the way things were…when life was still simple and hassle-free.  When problems can easily be brushed off.

I checked my astrology forecast for the year (I have tendencies like that), and it says that 2013 will be a good year for those born on the year of the horse if we don’t act on our impulses.  I sure hope so.

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  1. Hoping for a great year for you ahead! Whatever problems you encountered hope that it will make you a better person. Yes, I would love to hear more from mommy bloggers like you.

    • Thanks! Wishing you a great year ahead as well šŸ™‚

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