Five in the Air, Let’s do it Together

An early Christmas treat for the unica hija were tickets to her favorite Australian singing and dancing group – Hi-5!

Because of Christmas evening traffic, we got to MOA just in time for the show.  We missed the ice-breaker where a lady conducted games for the kids.  It’s also a good thing in a way because we didn’t have to wait long then, tipid pa because we practically breezed through the entrance where they sell Hi-5 merchandise šŸ™‚

Concert poster


And the group – Tim, Lauren (Lian’s fave), Casey, Dayen (new member, replacing Fely) and Stevie!

We were a bit far from the stage so we just had to content ourselves with singing with them.  We weren’t able to go near na.  Believe me, sing and dance we did!

Di lang si Lian ang nag-enjoy, pati ang mommy! šŸ™‚

It was really a Hi-5 moment for all of us! šŸ™‚

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