A Rainy Day at Enchanted Kingdom

My ‘lil girl is no longer a baby! She turned 4 already…

and we celebrated it with a trip to the playground – Enchanted Kingdom šŸ™‚

We had fun despite the rains.  We just had to buy shirts for the hubby (who got drenched in Rio Grande) and the birthday girl.

Because it’s Christmas break, it’s no surprise that the park was crowded.  Getting tickets already proved a feat as we waited for close to 30 minutes just to have our tickets and get inside.

Once inside, it’s rides galore as we went on and on and on until the fireworks display and the park closes.

Fun time at the Wheels of Fate (Ferris wheel)
Private (that is, additional pay) bump boat

Because we were wet and hungry, dinner was a subdued affair at the food court near Space Shuttle

My favorite shot – I can really feel her happiness on her special day.

Happy birthday my Lianpot! šŸ™‚

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