Can I Have Another Wedding?

I was so envious inspired of the wedding gowns that designers came out with this year.  I totally want to get married again! Sigh.

I like the idea that pink is the new white.  With so many brides wearing pink or a bit of it on their wedding day makes me giddy.  Not that I’d wear pink but maybe consider having hints of it incorporated in my gown.  The blushing bride concept sounds good to me šŸ™‚
Anyway, let me share with you what I think my wedding will be like if I do it again…I decided to make a table of my choices (hehe OC lang).  I’m leaning towards an out-of-town wedding, either somewhere cool like Tagaytay or Baguio, or somewhere tropical and beach-y like Boracay or Bohol.

Based on the table above, here are some possible pegs:

1. Dress – I’d probably buy off-the-rack or ready-to-wear designer brand.  There’s Rosa Clara in Greenbelt or Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique in Salcedo Village where you can try on gorgeous dresses.  This is what I wore years ago, Oleg Cassini-inspired šŸ™‚

Made by Yolly
Oleg Cassini

I actually still like my wedding gown.  I would still consider wearing it in my fantasy wedding.  But here are some dresses I’m liking.

I like the neckline of this gown and its understated elegance.  Even the length is good. Simple lang but may punch šŸ™‚

Reem Acra via
This is the Duchess of Cambridge’s gown.  I like the buttons at the back and embroidery.  But I don’t think my fantasy gown will be this heavy.  Light embroidery to make it look breezy.

Alexander McQueen via

For the groom, I would go for a 3-piece suit in dove grey.  The color looks so fresh and dashing šŸ™‚


2. Invitation – It would be done in calligraphy, done I’m sure of since I’m becoming passionate about it.  It would still be a 1-pager though, nothing fancy. The something different will be the envelope as its color would follow my peg, and it will be sealed using our logo.  But I think I’ll have an artsy “save the date” this time.  Something like these…



3. Photos/ Videos – I would surely still go with my childhood friend’s services. PJ and his wife Belle are whiz on taking photos and videos.  Check out V2 Studio or their FB page.  But maybe I will have pre-wedding pictorial (something we didn’t do anymore because we have tons of photos during our travels together which we used for the guestbook etc) and same-day edit so that there’s something to laugh at watch during the reception.

4. Hair and make-up – I’d go with my friend and colleague, Jem. She just started getting serious in bridal make-up but man, she’s really good at it.  Let me share with you the fab look she created when I attended an awards night last year.  I was so happy with this look that it even inspired me to have my hair digipermed šŸ™‚

5. Event styling – Since I have been organizing other people’s weddings, I think our group can handle my fantasy wedding.  This time I’d like it to be more on DIY and more crafty. I particularly like the style of cunanan catering

Got these from their FB page –

Use of short centerpieces so as not to block guests’ view

Incorporate flowers and other ornaments on the table

With lovely details including fish bowl on the table

Like the idea of guests’ involvement in the form of messages

Will definitely have a sweet corner šŸ™‚

And couple corner will have something like this

6. Cake – I would still go with my cake.  I really like its simplicity šŸ™‚

Done by Tess Dilla of Sweet Home Bakeshop

7. Entourage – I would like to incorporate prints in the gowns of the entourage.  Maybe not the whole dress but in some elements.  And dresses in varying lengths.


Oh a girl could wish again, right…what about you, what’s your fantasy wedding like?

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8 thoughts on “Can I Have Another Wedding?

  1. why not? maybe on your 25th wedding anniversary? šŸ™‚

    • hopin’, wishin’, prayin’ šŸ™‚

  2. I never got my dream wedding either. I was planning and planning for months, even got stuff from the US and my wedding gown was ready! But God had plans! Maybe in a few years, we can get that done and in Church.

    • Will pray for that šŸ™‚ What happened?

  3. Beach wedding and hoping to renew our vows there.

    • Seems so nice if beach wedding noh?

  4. Hay, I would love to get married all over again too! While I super loved our simple wedding, there are so many things I’ve seen since then on Pinterest and in other weddings I’ve been to that I would have loved to do for mine.


    • True! So many things Pinterest-worthy now šŸ˜‰

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