And the Best Yaya Award Goes To…

I’m probably one of the lucky few who had an easy time getting along with my daughter’s yayas.  She had only 2 (if you’re not going to count the 2 temps) who took care of her in a span of 4 years.

Her very first “Ate” was Emelyn who started off as my aunt’s all-around.  When Lian was born, she took pity on me and helped me out unofficially.  But my powers won her over and she decided to be my ‘lil one’s yaya.    Lian was very fond of her and she stayed until Lian turned 2 then she decided to go home to her family in the province and is planning to settle down.  We are in touch up to now.

At that time, we already had Day with us as our helper.  That period was tough because it was also that time when our house caught fire.  We had 2 temps, Mae and Ruth (one after the other).  We still have contact with Mae who left to take care of her daughter and have another child.

It was then an obvious choice to just keep Ate Day.  She runs the household now – from doing the laundry to taking care of Lian (only when we’re not around) to even being my PA sometimes 🙂  I owe her a lot because she keeps me sane.  I think it helps that she’s a mother too so she disciplines Lian and shows compassion as well.  But there are also instances when I know that she can do better.  That’s why I’d like to check out this seminar –

The next one’s on Saturday, 8 December 2012 from 8:30AM to 5:30 PM at Unit 4J Westgate Tower, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The seminar fee is only PhP2,500 inclusive of lunch, 2 snacks, beverages and seminar kit.

I really think it’s worth checking especially since the topics they’ll cover are the following:
1. Self worth (self worth to better working attitude, love yourself, who are you working for, love what you do)
2. Manners and etiquette
3. Responsibilities/ housework (cleaning, food-related concerns)
4. “KID”-centered (stages, care, hygiene, social opportunities, first aid, emergency situations)
5. Combating stress

To know more about this seminar, visit their FB page or check out

For inquiries and registration, email

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