Christmas Shopping

I’m so late!  On my Christmas shopping list, that is.  I’m a stickler for lists and everything else that’s why I usually do my Christmas shopping in July.  Which means by October, I’m pretty much covered already.

This year, I started October and I’m not even halfway through my list yet.  What’s happening to me???

Actually, it was my US trip that kicked off the shopping.  I got a few items from there.  I so love Walmart and Tanger Outlet.  Ang daming anik-anik na you wouldn’t think about buying but when you’re there na, mapapabili ka and maiisip mo, ay pwede pala yun šŸ™‚  And mind you, they come in cheap but looks expensive hahaha

Then late last month, my sisters offered to place an order for me at my tried-and-tested handicrafts supplier – Balasi Export.  I have been getting items from them since 2009.  Here are some of the Christmas gifts I got from them –

The pictures don’t do them justice, I tell you.  I even got my lil girl’s 1st birthday giveaways from them. šŸ™‚

Anyway, yun pa lang talaga ang nasho-shop ko.  Sigh.  And when I tried to go to the mall last weekend, I got so overwhelmed.  Believe me, daig ang UAAP sa dami ng tao.  I don’t think I can finish start my shopping with that frenzy.  So now, I’m back to my another shopping method – online!

Yes, I’m wired like that.  I actually enjoy online shopping more than going to the stores (and getting a parking space).  But still, there are items that need to be inspected and you can’t do that via computer šŸ™‚

So little time, so many things to do.

Hope you can suggest online stores that are worth visiting because they’re value for money.  I’m already resigned to the fact that I won’t brave my way to the malls again.

Balasi Export
116 Natividad St. Pangil, Laguna
(+6349) 557-1114

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  1. I also hate mall shopping crowds. I’m also going to start to venture into online shopping. It’s much more convenient, and you can search for stuff without hurting your feet šŸ™‚

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