Eating Habits

Since my operation, I have been very careful of my food intake.  Sometimes pati ako, nae-exagg na sa sarili ko šŸ™‚  For people who know me, it would be a surprise that I no longer drink softdrinks and avoid chicken skin and fatty part of pork.  In fact, I have minimized my pork intake!  I now live on fish and chicken, practically all white meat.

My usual diet –

Steamed dory with garlic


Grilled chicken minus the skin


Plus, of course rice.  Usually half-cup na lang and a bottle of water, or sometimes if I find my viand bland, orange juice. And 1 piece banana or a slice of fruit (melon, watermelon, mango).

Day in, day out, yun lang šŸ™  Except for breakfast.  I have a piece of cracker and a glass of water before I hit the shower.

Not naman that I’m advocating a healthy way of eating but it seems to work for me in the past weeks I’ve been conscious of what I put inside my body.  I’m losing weight (which is the major bonus here) and my family’s also taking a healthier path.  Although generally talaga naman healthier na sila than me to begin with.  Most of them eat everything.  As in everything including vegetables.  In my case, I’m still holding out on this.  I’m still picky with the vegetables I eat – only carrots, sayote, string beans (sometimes).

Which leads me to the question – how to encourage my 3-year old daughter to eat healthily?  Actually, she’s not a junk food addict unlike my other pamangkins.  She doesn’t eat candies or if she does, di nya mauubos. She doesn’t eat chocolates because we had an incident before that when she ate, she had a hard time to poop kaya na-trauma yata and she avoids it like a plague.  She’s not fond of chips, softdrinks and other food items you’d expect a kid would like.  Her meals are very adult-like – rice, soup and viand.  Problem lang is her viand – usually hotdogs and chicken skin. Arrgh!

Better pa when she was a baby because she eats sayote and other veggies.  Now pahirapan talaga.  So what we do is use veggies as the base of her soup – meron kami pumpkin soup, ampalaya soup, corn soup etc.  But it’s not the real thing pa rin, right?

Of course, there are people who say that it’s my fault because I don’t eat veggies kaya na-influence ko sya.  She doesn’t see me eat kaya pati sya, no na lang šŸ™

Help – how do you do it with your kids???

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  1. I guess it’s not too late to “train” your kid to eat healthy. My daughter used to be a picky eater, but now she loves veggies! Just try to gradually introduce her to different types of healthy food. Eventually, she’ll catch on. And since you’re eating healthy now, that should serve as an example to her, right? šŸ™‚

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