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Coveting thy neighbor’s spouse is a common theme in the movies today with “No Other Woman”, “The Mistress” etc.  I have not watched any of them, and with no intention of watching anytime soon.  I just feel that it comes a bit close to home base.  As I’m already affected by the trailer, wouldn’t want to compound it further by watching the full-length and analyzing/ comparing it with real life.

But as I can’t help hearing about the plots, I also can’t help but make observations, have questions and realizations of my own.  I don’t understand why there are sensible (I’m assuming) women (I will talk based on a girl’s perspective) who would prefer to be the other woman.  Yes, for some it might be a matter of financial need (the usual plot of stories of decades ago), but lately the theme is different.  It’s really going into a complicated relationship knowingly, willingly.  Are there really not enough men so that they are willing to cling to someone who’s already with someone else?  I wonder what their families say about it?  Do they even  know?  Or all these are shrouded in mystery, the proverbial secret?

As to the wife, who usually is the last to know, I would of course be biased.  Call me a conservative but I’m a firm believer that marriage is blessed by God thus only death can separate a couple. A belief manifested through my parents as they stayed together until God said it’s time to rest.  They even heeded the call almost at the same time.  But seriously, what could a wife do?  Suffer in silence or fight for her man/ family?

What about the man in the middle?  Heartache won’t happen if he had kept to himself.  I know I should place more blame to the man, but I don’t know if it’s backed up by science that men do not think, they react.  That’s why, I maybe a bit chauvinistic here but I tend to point the fault to the other woman.  Almost all of them know that the guy they’re flirting with is married but they still go on at it.  And sometimes what gets me is that they even flaunt it.  Haay.

With the proliferation of SNS, it became much easier to hook up.  And what’s sad about it is it became another venue for people to “play”.  The good thing, on the other hand, is it also became easy to catch them playing – just check their shout outs and like buttons.

Anyway, what’s my point in this rambling – just that we must respect the sanctity of marriage.  Actually more basic than that is just keeping the promises/ vows you made.  Nobody says that keeping your end of the stick would be easy, nobody said it won’t be free of challenges; in fact, everybody says it’s going to be hard.  But engaging in sidelines would make it even harder.

So to those who are thinking of entering into a messy situation (and you know who you are), just a word of caution, DON’T even dare!

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